Truck Dashcams



Onsite Cameras has been supplying dash cameras to trucking and mining fleets in Australia for many years now. Being regular attendees at Truck Shows over the years we constantly are looking for more information so we can source products to better service the needs of truckers from a dashcam perspective.

It is common knowledge that truckers in Australia spend a large number of hours in their vehicles travelling across the country. To this end they need high quality dash cameras that are able to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Most dash cameras in trucks fail due to heat from the sun and potholed roads. With our superior quality dash cameras Onsite Cameras has been able to supply the industry over many years with confidence. Most of our customers are returning customers such is the good value they see in the quality products we supply.

All our cameras film in Ultra definition with footage in very high resolution providing a high degree of clarity. We have provided many different dash camera models to truckers over the years with our latest model being the V57Gs camera which does not have a lithium battery but instead a super capacitor which allows for more cycles and even better longevity.

Watch the videos on our website to see our cameras being used in trucks, cars and other vehicles across Australia. Our dash cameras have been used in Police vehicles and in vehicles owned by television networks.

Contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your specific needs. Fleet discounts can be provided.