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AutoCam GPS FHD V56G

- Longer loop recording
- Full HD 1920 x 1080

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New  2016 Model
AutoCam Dual HD
2nd camera with 6 metre cable
  • Forward Camera  
  • Full 1080 Hi Definition

  • Two Cameras in One!


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Our Dashcam cameras are used Australia wide by Police, Fire Services, Government, Truck and Car fleets.

Truck Dash cam

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OnSiteCameras work with manufacturers to give Australians professional Dash Cams for cars and trucks

Bike Crash. 9 News ... filmed with AutoCam GPS FHD

AutoCam GPS FHD ... on Channel 9 "A Current Affair"

We Sell Tried and Tested Vehicle Dash Cameras across Australia

Many road accidents you see on the news are captured with the aid of a mounted dash camera. They’re fast becoming extremely popular for drivers of all kinds who want that extra set of eyes on the road to provide them with another level of protection against reckless or dangerous drivers.

OnSite Cameras are the trusted supplier of high-quality, reliable vehicle dash cams that have been used in thousands of cars across Australia. Whether you’re a long-haul truck driver or an inner-city dweller, our range of in car cameras have proven to be extremely useful at recording road incidents for insurance purposes.

We test all in car cameras in the toughest driving environment – the trucking industry – before we deem them acceptable to sell to the general public.

As the first company in Australia to introduce professional vehicle and truck cameras, we have many years of experience in the industry, and are continuously sourcing and trialling the latest models on the market so we can provide our customers with only the most advanced technology.

Not only do we sell advanced dashcams for all of Australia and overseas, but we also provide full-service support to all of our clients. Many of our team members have experience in the cinematography industry, and know their vehicle cameras inside out. They’ll be willing and able to answer any questions or queries you might have after your purchase.

In car cameras you can rely on

If you’re involved in a road accident and it comes down to a case of your word against the other driver’s, dashcam footage can be extremely useful for proving who was at fault.

All of our vehicle cameras come with instant playback features and in-built display screens, which makes them a particularly popular choice for emergency services personnel, television networks and long-haul truck drivers. Such displays allow you to review the recorded footage right then and there, without having to load it onto a computer.

Unlike other cameras on the market all of our dashcam models come with a wide lens to capture the drivers’ perspective, a bright and clear LCD screen, and record in full high-definition, or new ultra resolution so your vision on screen will match your recorded footage.

Perhaps one of the most crucial features of any dashboard vehicle or truck camera is their GPS and speed tracking capabilities. While their in-built GPS can’t navigate you along a route like regular a GPS, what they can do is track your location and speed, and match it to the recorded footage. The dashcam then timestamps it onto the footage for fast and easy referral.

To make sure that you can maintain a record of any incidents, every dashcam we sell can accept large removable memory cards that can save many hours and in some cases days of footage, including sound. Memory cards work on a continuous loop system, whereby you can record until the memory is full then the recording loops back to the start of the memory card so you’ll always have a recording of your day’s driving.

Best of all, every dashcam comes with a 12 month guarantee and are easy to install on the windscreen or dash of your truck or vehicle.

We deliver dash cams within Australia and overseas

Contact OnSite Cameras today and we’ll help you find the vehicle or truck camera that’s suited to your driving needs and will help keep you safe on the road. We offer discounts for fleet and bulk orders and accept dashcam orders through our website, or by email or phone. We express post all dash cams within Australia and offer courier service to overseas customers. Call us today on 1300 320 091 or visit us online at