About Us

OnSiteCameras is a Sydney based company which has been supplying professional and everyday drivers with the best quality and best value dash cameras for over twelve years. As the first company to bring professional dashcams to Australia we have maintained our flagship position by rigorously testing our cameras in Australian conditions and partnering with the Australian Trucking industry to ensure that our cameras are suitable before we release any camera on to the market. A large number of other companies have now also entered the marketplace bringing in both cheap, low quality cameras, as well as copies that look like the real thing. Be sure not to waste your time and money and come directly to us. We provide excellent after sales support, and our staff are very knowledgeable. If we don’t have the solution that is right for you we won’t try and sell you one of our cameras.

Product Benefits

  • NEW-Ultra High Definition model DashCams
  • Industry trialed and proven
  • Ultra High definition vision
  • Truck/Car Dashcams with colour screens
  • Affordable prices
  • Australian 12 month guarantee (no having to send a camera overseas for any issue)

Why Choose Us

  • Locally-tested products
  • Australian company
  • Local, fast, expert tech support
  • Industry/customer input
  • Extensive video media knowledge

Purchases can be made online, by phone, email or mail. OnSiteCameras accepts all major credit cards and PayPal, and offer fleet and bulk order discounts. We send cameras via Australia Post registered mail, and use couriers for international sales.