AutoCam Super HD. hard Wire Kit



AutoCam Super HD.     Hard Wire Kit

A simple hard wire kit for AutoCam Super HD camera only. The plug on this power lead only fits the AutoCam Super HD camera. This will accept 12 or 24 volts in, and 5 volts out as per the requirements of the camera.
An Auto Electrician or Radio installer is the best person to fit this power lead.
The advantage of this lead is you only have a small wire coming out of your camera and no untidy power lead from your cigarette lighter.
The plug on the end is Mini USB.

Note-This lead will not work on Mini FHD. There is another product under SHOP for that camera.

# Product may vary from photo #

Hard Wire Kit-if hard wired ensure the circuit is the is the same as the cigarette lighter circuit and comes on and off with vehicle power and does not stay powered 24/7. An Auto Electrician can advise here or contact OnSiteCameras for more details. Any electrical work performed on the car or truck such as hardwiring a camera is done at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any installation costs or additional costs that may be incurred after a fault or failure of camera, mount, hardwire kit, or car electrics. We recommend that all components are tested thoroughly before installation. We strongly recommend that you hire a fully qualified, insured, and experienced auto-electrician or radio installer to install the hardwire kit for you.