WIN a CAR or TRUCK DashCam

We want to reward those who supply interesting video footage such as car accidents, road rage or other interesting footage.
If OnSiteCameras deem the video clips you send us appropriate for use, such as educational, media or promotional video clips, then at our discretion we will give you a new DashCam and memory card for those video clips that were filmed using a camera purchased from us. You can give the DashCam as a gift or use it as a second camera.
OnSiteCameras are committed to safe driving practices and encourage drivers to protect themselves with an in car/truck camera solution.

OS CAMS PTY LTD will view the video you send to us and our decisions will be solely made at our discretion.
We look forward to seeing your clips. Call or email us if you think you have anything of interest.
ph: 1300 320091