OnSiteCameras offer advice to fleets for all your Truck and Car Dashcam needs. We have professional camera staff on hand to advise on any technical requirements. We are not just retail sellers, our staff have over 35 years camera experience. We supply the mining and trucking fleets across Australia.

Most DashCams fail in trucks in a short period due to Australia’s harsh conditions including heat and potholed roads. All our DashCams are tested prior to selling in Trucks around Australia.

AutoCam GPS FHD is the No 1 selling Truck DashCam in Australia and sells out at every trade show we attend. AutoCam GPS FHD now films in ULTRA definition that is twice the resolution of most cameras in the market now. This quality gives you exceptional vision in day or night. Most cheap Dashcams at night are very poor and often the roads cannot be seen clearly at all.

Watch the videos on our website to see our cameras being used in trucks and cars across Australia. Our Dashcam cameras are used in Police vehicles and the Television Networks. Each DashCam camera has a demonstration video for customers to view before buying to check the quality of the videos in real world situations. Click here for video demonstrations.

Contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your specific needs.