Dealer Enquiries

With a background in professional camera work and road safety, OnSiteCameras only sell high quality cameras which produce professional quality vision. If you are interested in working in partnership with us by becoming a distributor or retailer, please contact OnSiteCameras to discuss your interest. All of our cameras are available including are top selling AutoCam GPS FHD unit. We offer great point of sale marketing items and offer excellent terms and prices to our agents.

All of our Dashcameras have featured on “A Current Affair” on Channel 9, and our AutoCam GPS FHD camera was also featured on ‘Today Tonight’ on Channel 7. The new AutoCam GPS FHD  camera is regarded by professionals as one of the best car/truck camera’s with speed and GPS tracking abilities in the world market today, and films in Ultra High Definition with speed stamped onto the video. The chassis is all solid contruction unlike other inferior GPS car cameras in the market today, many without a colour screen.

See our YouTube Channel to watch some of our television stories including recent ones with  “A Current Affair” Channel 9                                                          

Click here to watch any of our videos YouTube Channel

OnSiteCameras have camera professionals on their team, not just sales people, and so can offer expert technical advice and back up where needed.