Camera Tripod, Clamp or Bar Mount
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Camera Tripod, Clamp or Bar Mount



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Product Description

Camera Tripod, Clamp or Bar Mount

This is a multi purpose camera tripod for any digital still camera with a normal ¼ inch thread. This tripod lets you use a camera on a clamp situation for strange angles, or simply as a tripod on a table. The tripod has many adjustable features and packs away in a very small box.

-The tripod suits home digital cameras as well such as your pocket Nikon, Canon, or even home video camera.
-The tripod has a nifty double ball joint allowing you to tilt your camera at virtually any angle you like.
-Great for low level photography
-Use the tripod on a table or the floor
-Or clamp it to pretty much any surface you like from shelves to bike handlebars!
-Legs fold up for easy storage and portability
-The clamp will fit any surface between 0.5 cm – 5.4 cm
-For use with any camera that has a standard tripod thread
-Actual clamp measures: 75 x 28 x 140mm

Material: metal and plastic

clamp 2                            Supports up to 600gclamp 3