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AutoCam Video Demonstrations

About OnSiteCameras

OnSiteCameras is a Melbourne based company who provide mobile camera solutions across Australia with a background in CCTV systems. We have been supplying fleets, heavy vehicle industry, professional and everyday drivers with the best quality and best value camera systems for the last six years. As the first company to bring Dashcams to Australia we have maintained our flagship position by rigorously testing our camera systems to suit the Australian market. A number of other companies have now also entered the marketplace bringing in both cheap, low quality cameras, as well as copies that look like the real thing. Don’t waste your time and money with the others, come directly to us. We provide excellent after sales support, and our staff know what they are talking about instead of just trying to sell you something. If we don’t have the solution that is right for you we won’t try and sell you one of our products!

Product benefits
  • Industry trialled and proven
  • High definition vision
  • Dashcams with colour screens
  • Affordable prices
  • Local 12 month guarantee
Why Choose Us?
  • Expert technical support
  • Australian company
  • Locally-tested products
  • Industry/customer input
  • Extensive video media knowledge

Purchases can be made online, by phone, email, fax or mail. OnSiteCameras accepts all major credit cards (please call us if you would like to use American Express) and PayPal, and offer fleet and bulk order discounts. We send cameras via Australia Post registered mail, and use couriers for international sales..


See what our customers are saying about AutoCam

“A good idea, definitely… It would give us live information as to the collision sequence. Physical evidence, vehicle behaviour. It would be absolutely, unbelievably valuable.” David Axup, Crash Reconstruction Specialist and Former Victoria Police Chief Superintendant, on ‘A Current Affair’.

“There are enough hazards driving a truck without the added risk of having to prove that someone has caused a dangerous situation or an accident. With the AutoCam, it’s no longer their word against yours. In the short time that I’ve had my unit, I’ve captured some amazing footage.

In my opinion, for professional drivers, this is an investment and takes covering yourself to a whole new level. And, it only takes a matter of seconds to fit it to my car for the drive home. After having the AutoCam and realising the benefits, I won’t go anywhere without one.” Danny, Truck driver, Melbourne.


OnSiteCameras offer advice to fleets for all your Car, Truck, Dashcam needs. We have professional camera staff on hand to advise on any technical requirements. We are not just retail sellers, our staff have over 35 years camera experience. We supply the mining and trucking fleets across Australia.

Watch the videos on our website to see our cameras being used in trucks and cars across Australia. Our Dashcam cameras are used in Police vehicles and the Television Networks. Each AutoCam camera has a demonstration video for customers to view before buying to check the quality of the videos in real world situations. Click VIDEO TAB on top of this page.

Contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your specific needs.

Win a car camera

We want to reward those who supply interesting video footage such as car accidents, road rage or other interesting footage.
If OnSiteCameras deem the video clips you send us appropriate for use, such as educational, media or promotional video clips, then at our discretion we will give you a new AutoCam and memory card for those video clips that were filmed using a camera purchased from us. You can give the AutoCam as a gift or use it as a second camera.
OnSiteCameras are committed to safe driving practices and encourage drivers to protect themselves with an in car/truck camera solution.

OnSiteCameras Pty Ltd will view the video you send to us and our decisions will be solely made at our discretion.
We look forward to seeing your clips. Call or email us if you think you have anything of interest.
ph: 1300 320091